Kale with mushrooms

We have gotten into the habit of eating a lot of Kale.   This vegetable is chock full of nutrients and if prepared properly, it can be very delicious.   Here’s a simple recipe that we use on a regular basis.  It can be used as a side dish for just about anything;  not only does it add color to the plate, but there are never any leftovers! Continue reading



ImageOne of our absolute favorites is soup that we learned about in Tuscany, known as Ribollita.  This is a traditional peasant dish that is generally made up of beans, tomatoes, and whatever is in the garden, and some stale bread.   It is delicous, filling, and very healthy.  I love making this.  This recipe is made up of a combination of ones I have found online, with a few personal touches (especially adding more and more garlic!) Continue reading